Harold Hatch

Harold B. Hatch 1939-2013

Frank Hatch

Francis W. Hatch 1925-2012

In the beginning, many of us in the Castine, Maine community wanted to honor the memory of our dear friend, Frank Hatch. The Castine Golf Club Members Memorial Fund was just the beginning.  We subsequently formed The Frank Hatch Community Youth Fund, a charitable organization, to endow sports and recreation programs for our youth.  Frank Hatch cared about Castine and everyone in the town—especially the children.

In 2013, we changed the name of the Fund to have Harold Hatch join with Frank Hatch as a friend and honoree to The Hatch Community Youth Fund. Harold Hatch has been added as an honoree of the Fund because of all he did over a lifetime to teach sports and sportsmanship. A teacher, coach, mentor, runner and kayaker, Harold exemplified what the Fund hopes to create: a good life spent striving to do his personal best.

The Hatch Community Youth Fund will serve Castine’s year-round resident families as well as the families in associated Penobscot and Brooksville, honor Frank and Harold, and permanently endow their spirit and commitment to the community.

The Hatch Community Youth Fund is a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.