The Hatch Community Youth Fund remains committed to caring for the health and wellbeing of the resident youth of Brooksville, Castine, and Penobscot. At this time of concern and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, applications for athletic and recreational programs and participant scholarship funding are still being accepted with the understanding that evolving mandates may require cancellation or postponement. While HCYF will be monitoring the situation closely, we ask that all applicants stay in touch.

Any changes in programming or response to the virus and its restrictions will be posted on Facebook

The Hatch Community Youth Fund supports sailing, golf, tennis, kayaking, swimming, soccer and other sports and recreational programs for year-round resident youth from the Castine area (Castine, Penobscot, Brooksville).

Studies show how important sport training is for youth development.

  • Improves overall health and fitness
  • Improves confidence through learning skills and success
  • Helps build friendships and start lifetime interests
  • Helps children learn about rules, fair play, and coping with winning and losing
  • Helps children have greater success

Grant Program Funding

The Hatch Community Youth Fund was created to support year-round resident youth in the greater Castine, Maine, area in learning and participating in sports as a means of physical, social, and mental development and to offer assistance directly to organizations who share our goal of supporting the youth of Castine with athletic and recreational activities. The Fund offers grants to local 501(C)3, educational institution, municipality and clubs for sports and recreation in line with our mission.

Scholarship Program
There are a number of individual scholarships available for year-round resident children to participate in a variety of sports camps.  Scholarship value may be limited per family.

Recreation Activities – Free

  • Recreation Week: Frank Kneisel Kayak Week with Castine Kayak Adventures, sailing, tennis and golf at the Castine Golf Club and the Castine Yacht Club
  • Swimming at MMA
  • Volley Kids at MMA